About Us

Welcome to FlyBlooms, an extraordinarily unique adornments boutique. Each and every adornment is infused with creative energy and joy that will provoke spontaneous smiles in you and those around you. I specialize in creating adornments that are wearable to work or any special occasion. 

Mission: Design stylish, quality and unique adornments that are just as beautiful and original as you.
Disclaimer: FlyBlooms is not responsible for the increase in compliments you will receive from blooming.
Thank you for Blooming with FlyBlooms!
Tiffany Miller ~ Creative Owner

How It All Came To Bloom

I am truly one of those people that stops to smell the roses, tulips, sunflowers, etc. My hair is always adorned with a flower or two. I was bored with the color and style offerings of flowers available at many retail stores. I was especially disappointed with the quality, so I began creating my own uniquely designed, affordable, and fashionable flowers. Passion, excitement, and happiness radiate from each petal.  

Eco Friendly & Hair Healthy

Did you know that each bloom is secured with a small patch of upcycled denim. Most mass produced retail flowers are supported by felt patches made out of wool and synthetic fibers that break down easily and break off hair.